Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 6, 7, and 8. Louisville, KY

This town is the most hospitable city I have ever lived in or visited. Everyone I meet seems to have something interesting to offer in the way of friendship, guidance, or hospitality. For 3 days I romped around and rode my bike back and forth across my favorite neighborhoods. On Sunday, my last evening in town, I was privileged to a ride on a pontoon boat going downriver below the falls of the Ohio. The current was strong, and the engine was finicky, we discussed a water bound trip to New Orleans with very few dissenting opinions. An interesting historical note is that the Falls of the Ohio was also the initial meeting place of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Nine members of the Corps of Discovery were recruited from Kentucky. expedition. I especially liked the tale of “York”. He was the slave who became the first African American to cross the continent. The Native Americans believed he had great spiritual power on account of his stature and complexion. While in Louisville, my hosts Peyton and Jenny were awesome. They live in a very cool house with lots of soulful aesthetically pleasing amendments. Staying there for three nights was exceptionally nice, and very appreciated. Some of the most beautiful carpentry and fine woodworking I have seen can be viewed on their facebook page. Their company is called birdsquare carpentry.

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