Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 5 Lexington KY, to Louisville, KY

In the morning after a hearty breakfast, I rode West out Versailles road past Calumet horse farm and Keenland on my right. On my left was 4-6 lanes of traffic for about 8 miles to Versailles and into Woodford County. I rode over the Kentucky River and into Anderson county, which smelled like bourbon from the Wild Turkey Distillery. I ate lunch after the first 50 miles at a bustling crossroads country store where everyone seemed really animated in comparison to the relative stillness of the past few hours of riding. Motorcyclists from New York were leaving as a pedal biker from North Carolina arrived. I told him he shouldn’t wear his Duke shirt while riding anywhere in Kentucky for safety reasons. He said he was at the game when Christian Laettner hit his miracle shot cementing his status throughout Kentucky as a super-villain. He was a forester so we talked about trees. I left traveling North with the intention of going West and figured it out in Shelbyville in Shelby county. Instead of backtracking I rerouted and decided to approach Louisville from the North and East. I called Peyton and Jenny and they graciously offered to put me up for the night. Having a destination was comforting and helped ease the pain of the last 20 miles through industrial areas and suburbs around Louisville in Oldham and Jefferson County. There was already a dinner party planned, so we had some more bourbon and delicious homemade Mexican food. I slept in the next day.

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