Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 – Rush, KY to Grayson, KY

It was Sunday, and 90 something degrees until late afternoon when I left from the farm. A little apprehensive and already quite sweaty, I traveled about 25 miles over a couple of ridges to visit family friends in Grayson. The route took me through Boyd, Lawrence and Carter counties. I set up my camping gear and stayed overnight next to their pool. My hosts Marty and Tersa’s enthusiasm for the concept of riding a bike across Kentucky helped to alleviate my concern for whether or not this was all a good idea. They also provided helpful guidance as to what could be expected on the first full day leg of my journey, approximately 50-60 miles heading West through Elliot and Rowan County. In one word: “Hills”….

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