Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 3 – Cave Run Lake to Red River Gorge

On this beautiful cool weather day, I was able to ride the ridges mostly through Menifee County and then Powell County where the Red River Gorge is located. The ride was 50 miles and took me to where my friend Brian is building a house for his family and future outdoor adventure business. All was well and the day had been quite enjoyable when I met this old guy on a sporty bike that immediately adopted me as his riding accomplice. We dropped into the gorge over a mile and half stretch of twisty road losing about 750 feet of elevation. He then informed me of our exit strategy from the Gorge which was gaining the same elevation back over only ¾ of a mile. Apparently only sissies come to the gorge without pulling “Sky Bridge Hill”. Definitely the hardest hill I have ever climbed. The weight of the gear took its toll on my tired legs. I finished as Brian arrived to the top of the hill in his truck. Putting my panniers in the truck and riding the last few miles closed out the final distance. I had time to visit a swimming hole in the heat of the afternoon. Sitting in the current beneath this awesome rock arch felt like Mother Nature giving me a massage. We ended the day with pizza and beer at Brian’s house while hanging out with two awesome kids and their amazing mom April.

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